3 questions - please help .


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Apr 6, 2012
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3 questions.

1. If using smart actions , does my battery drain with all the smart actions i have open at the same time or does it just use up CPU , RAM ?

2. Ex... Does it matter if i use Battery Extender smart action
Actions - GPS off, Background sync disabled, Cellular data disabled

If i already have GPS settings off ( settings, Locations & Security , Standalone GPS services ) .
If i already have 4G/3G off ( settings, data manager, Data enabled unchecked )
If i already have Background data off ( settings , data manager, Background Data unchecked ) .

Do i need that smart action if my main settings are already off ?

3. What is background data ? What is Data Saver ?
All i do to my phone is listen to radio , text message, internet, send and receive calls.
Do i need background data or data saver unchecked ?


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Mar 1, 2012
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Hi Keegan,
1) Are you talking about using the app and editing multiple rules or too many rules getting triggered at the same time? Smart Actions app does use the battery optimally and efficiently like any other application on the phone. However it does have the added benefit of high customizability, which user can configure, to improve or extend the battery life of the phone.

2) If the user has manually disabled the actions from the settings, then rule is not required. However Smart Actions can help or used to set the conditions properly so that automatically the rule can be triggered at the appropriate time to save battery instead of manually changing the settings.

3)Background data: The process of syncing the data in the background by Android applications. For example, Yahoo or Gmail applications sync in the background and notify the user when new email is delivered. By disabling the background data settings, the background apps such as Email, MMS etc., will not update until the application is explicitly invoked by the user.
If you are using only apps such as radio, text message, internet and send/receive calls, then background data is not used.