Slingbox vs Vulkano (I have both)


I am also new to the placeshifting game and have a question. First post ever. One of the reviewers on Amazon of the Vulkano Flow base model mentions that you need to record the content to a computer before it gets "slung" to a device. Is this true? I am on the verge of pushing the buy button to get a Vulkano Flow base model. All i want to do it sling live tv to my laptop while in Mexico easily and be able to change channels. I have a wired Verizon Fios internet connection in my house and will have a wired connection in Mexico. I have a standard Verizon Fios Cable box in my bedroom where the Vulkano will be hooked up. Basically should I go Vulkano or Slingbox? Any help would be appreciated.
The Vulkano operates as a Slingbox. The Flow model, in fact, CANNOT record. There isn't even a slot to my knowledge for an SD card, etc. I believe the reviewer was stating that you can view content from your home DVR over the Vulkano.

The Flow's app is like $13. The Platinum, that CAN record and act as its own DVR and comes with a free app is $129 from Vulkano directly. It's been as low as $99.

Love my Vulkano Deluxe.
Well-ordered the Platinum. Received it in a reasonable amount of time-cables missing. Quick start guide reflects (2) 5 part component cables and (2) 3 part composite cables-Only received (2) 3 part cables which appeared by the colors to be part of the component cable set. Contacted customer service twice with responses of 'have to talk to sales & no one is available'-with promise of 'will get back to you within 1 hour-no replies. Guess sales dept closed for 4 hours one day and 3 the next. Sent email to customer support.
Called again-finally found out that the quick start guide has wrong cables reflected. Cables now being shipped consist of 3 part (green, aqua, red) and a 3 part (red, white yellow) which have to be combined for appropriate application. They agreed I needed the red/white/yellow cables but would not ship them express-took another week for them to arrive (yesterday) So, we'll hopefully try to set this up today. Oh yeah-last customer service person I talked with said his name was 'Ali' (second Ali I talked with in customer service) and he would contact me when cables arrived to 'talk me thru set-up. I guess he could have tracked the UPS shipment & know by the arrival confirmation. reminded me to note his name 'Ali, Mohamed Ali'-OK-if you say so-but still haven't heard from him.
Will advise how set up goes-hopefully better than the experience so far.

5-26-2011 update:
Started installation-remote wouldn't work at first, installed IR blaster, still wouldn't work. Then started working for no apparent reason. Sluggish, but OK on wireless set up until confirmation screen where you have to enter 'OK' when remote died again. New batteries, etc but won't work at all now so can't continue. Will have to contact tech support (not that I'm really looking forward to that experience again, but it's my only choice-but they're not available for 6 more hours as I'm on East Coast. They best have a reasonable explanation/fix or this thing is going back ASAP.
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sorry for my english, i hope you can understand me!
i'm undecided to buy vulkano or slingbox pro(guy offer to me red version), i want use them to watch on phone (now iphone but in the future also android).
so i have some doubts:
1) with vulkano can i connect sat decoder directly to tv with hdmi and simultaneous decoder to vulkano with composite etc?i wan't lost hdmi quality on tv and however i buy vulkano only to stream to phone so i don't need to connect it to tv. (my decoder is italian sky hd)
2) with 3g is better vulkano or slingbox?
3) reading in the slingbox i have the impression the pro version(red version) will be less supported in the future, for exmple now the mobile vrsion doesn't support ipad while solo and pro-hd yes(but these two version are out my budget and in italy i don't find them used)
thank you
Do you have a new model (e.g. Voklkano Blast)? It says it supports 1080i on their site.

For anyone who is interested, I have both a Slingbox Pro & a Hava/Monsoon/Vulkano Pro.

Both of these devices have Android players available to stream live TV to your phone although the Vulkano app is a free DL & the Sling app is $30 (it should be free)

These two devices are completely different & each has distinct advantages over the other. The Vulkano records to a 1 TB hard drive so it works as a DVR but only at 720p resolution & if you want to watch it on your phone you need to record at an even lower resolution.

The Slingbox has two tuners in it, which is really handy as I can hook my High Def cable box to one tuner & basic cable to the other. I can then watch a different channel on the phone than the home TV is set on. The Slingbox will work fine with no TV connection at all, which is a HUGE advantage over the Vulkano which has no internal tuner at all.

The Vulcano HAS to be hooked to a TV & then it only provides a 720p signal to the TV which is a noticeable downgrade in picture quality on my 50" LCD TV. It does provide really good quality streaming video quality however, better than the Slingbox on the phone.

So basically, the Vulkano gives a better image on your phone, but degrades the image on the TV it's hooked to. The Slingbox doesn't need a TV connection at all, but doesn't record & charges for the software app.


i have a DX and just want to be able to stream live TV on it...and occasionally watch content that i have stored on my cable providers DVR box. Will the Vulkano flow work for this? i am not worried about HD quality on my phone. Best Buy has the slingbox solo for $99 now and i am wondering if the solo is a better deal than the flow or vice-versa.

thanks for any help or suggestions!