Skype Problems with Nexus 9 Tablet


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Feb 15, 2015
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Nexus 9
Hello everybody,

So the past few days I have been tutoring a friend over Skype and for whatever reason, during video chats the outer lens would make this "click" sound. When this would happen the image would flicker. After a few more clicks, my friend would be unable to hear me for the rest of the call. Subsequent calls would end the same way, I would be able to talk to him a little, but then after about 30 second the clicks would come in and my voice would be gone for him.

This is incredibly frustrating. I have used Battery Doctor to end all my other unnecessary processes and even then this happens. This tablet (Nexus 9) has 2 GB of ram, so I am not really certain why it is having so many issues with Skype. This is leading me to believe that it is a Lollipop problem, perhaps Skype and this OS do not interact well with each other.

In any case, I would love to know what that "click" sound is. It's not really a normal click, it's kind of "digital" sounding, it is a little weird to describe. Any help would be very appreciated.