Nexus 5 Battery Charge and Drainage Issues


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May 20, 2015
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Nexux 5
Hey everyone,

So this just started yesterday and has never been a problem before. I noticed it when my phone was plugged in, but charging extremely slowly, at about 1% per 20-30 minutes. Despite being plugged in for two hours it never reached higher than 9%. Later, while plugged in, I started using skype and it killed the battery. I tried turning it back on, and when restarting it ended up going to the "optimizing app" process, and would die before this completed.

I ended up leaving it plugged in overnight, and in the morning when i turned it on and it went through the app optimization process it was only at 33% and after taking a shower I came back to the phone, still plugged in, at just 24%.

I also noticed that while plugged in, the phone will display that it is charging and then not charging and switch repeatedly fairly consistently. It doesn't appear to be the cord, as I have tried multiple cords and it is happening on all of them. I have tried playing with the position of the cord when it is plugged in and that can affect whether it is charging or not, but even in a "good" position it will still stop charging occasionally. I have tried cleaning the port to no effect.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to do? It is running Android 5.1