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Jan 27, 2012
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Following Mafteiu Vlad's wildly successful WP7Android applications, TheRedDrake is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of SkyDroid UI – the ultimate Windows 8 Metro UI inspired experience!

Now the sleek, elegant design found on the Windows 8 operating system has inspired a project for Android, in full form. This isn’t just an “app” – this is a user experience revolution, brought to you by the Project Leader, Mafteiu Vlad (a.k.a. TheRedDrake).

SkyDroid UI will encompass everything that is inspired from Metro UI, from the transportation-styled tile design, to the "in-and-out" functionality users love. It's minimalistic design works flawlessly with the smooth, deceivably fast user interface, while the transition animations will leave other launchers jealous. SkyDroid UI is a complete Home Launcher Replacement Suite, that will include 18 integrated full-featured Metro UI inspired applications, including:

1) Dialer
2) SMS
3) Email
4) Calendar
5) People with IM and social
6) Calculator
7) Player
8) Gallery
9) Camera
10) Browser
11) Notes,
12) Stock + Currency converter
13) Meteo
14) Alarm
15) News
16) File manager
17) Settings
18) Launcher

No longer will you have to choose between the community, flexibility and customizability of Android and the incredible visual experience of a M$ device – now you can have both! Combined with the support of a truly global development and support team, makes SkyDroid UI the ultimate Home Launcher Replacement Suite.

How are you organized?
We're organized into 2 teams, one which USA based.

As for the project it has 4 stages:
1)All apps with basic features in one app
-Ex: read/send SMS or add note/task,save to server,push to device
2)Adding advanced features
- Ex: Exchange 2010 support for email
- Ex: SMS notifications
3) Integration between all apps and AI implementation
4) Implementing UI

How many devs are working on it?
For now about 5.

When will this be released?
Something like end of March or end of April if things go well.

When can we test?
After UI is done for touch interaction. We will have an automatic script which you can run and in case of errors will report them to our servers. We won't release a buggy product.

Will this be free?
Free with ads. 1.99$/year add free. Some services will inquire extra costs like exchange 2010 which needs a M$ monthly payment for each user that wants to use it.

If you would like to make a suggestion or an offer of assistance, send an email to TheRedDrake here.

We need your support! Visit our fund raising effort at IndieGoGo, and follow TheRedDrake on Twitter, at