Siri: The real deal on Android.


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Sep 14, 2011
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We've all seen the latest Apple gimmick, Siri. *Personally, I think that if you're having a conversation with your phone, you really need to get a life and get some friends. *I thought just having Facebook friends was bad, now people are resorting to their phones. *Ok, enough with the virtual friends. *

We Androiders have already had similar apps for quite a while now and Iris (reverse of Siri) was created in 8 hours by a few devs. *They all work pretty well, but somehow, even through my Android fanboy glasses, for some reason, all those apps just don't seem as great as Siri. *Don't ask me why, it just is, some the looks, others just wouldn't do what I told them too. *So, option 1. go buy an iPhone. *Not happening. *Option 2. *Hack Siri, aha! *We now have a solution! *

What if I told you that you too could have Siri on your phone. *No, I don't mean a Siri clone, I mean the real deal! *Mr. Siri himself. *Sounds great, how are we going to pull that off? *Well, a French app dev company Applidium has actually hacked the Apple Siri Server! *That means that any application, yes any app is able to ask Siri anything. *Now, that is what I call real*Siri clone! *With a few basic networking tricks they were able to figure out where Siri was sending its requests and what the packets looked like. *Here is an example of a packet. *

Doesn't look like much if you don't know what you're looking at, but we see that it is getting sent to "" (the server), then all the phone info, then the size of the packet, then the device ID.

"ACE /ace HTTP/1.0
Assistant(iPhone/iPhone4,1; iPhone OS/5.0/9A334) Ace/1.0
Content-Length: 2000000000
X-Ace-Host: 4620a9aa-88f4-4ac1-a49d-e2012910921"

One interesting, possibly sad thing they point out is that the X-Ace-Host is tied to the phone. *So I'm not sure how that would affect its functionality. *I don't want to bore you with the details if you're not the geeky type so if you're interested check out their website!

The fun will probably be over soon because Apple will close the breach but for a little while lets hope someone actually does make an app! *