Should I use a memory booster on my new Droid Incredible?


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Jan 14, 2011
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1st off, I'm new to forums in general let alone this forum so please forgive my last thread about insurance, I didn't know that was fraud. Anyway, I've read about how we're not supposed to use task killers on Android devices, so I uninstalled ATK (The Verizon rep basically forced me to download it!). Anyway, I've grown kind of insecure not knowing which apps are running/not having a way to boost my memory (even if it didn't actually help). I found this cool app on Android Market called Memory Booster, and I'm wondering if I should use this? Apparently it runs in the background to make sure your memory doesn't get too low, but I have been pressing quick boost and it shows an increase in my memory. Is this still bad and should I uninstall it( because it runs in the background) or not? Thank you.
Well welcome and everybody makes a boo boo every now and then ;)

Anyways, something like ATK is ok if your just using it to monitor stuff and NOT setting it to auto kill. And clearing running apps every now and then manually isnt really that bad.

I haven't used memory boost but it sounds like a task killer to me.

Try an app called autostarts. It allows you to modify which apps start on boot, a lot of things start on boot that aren't necessary.
Thanks. The rep strongly recommended I install it and showed me how to press kill every once in a while to save battery life. I have just been pressing Quick Boost on memory booster, but if it's the same thing I'll stop. I'll try autostarts, but won't the apps just start up later? Anyway, I think I'll just let Android run naturally.
Yeah screw task killers.

And yeah the apps will start later IF you use them, but you'd be surprised at the BS that launches on boot.

A good ROM and setup will do more for you than anything. But honestly, I wouldn't worry too much about the free memory anyways.
I've heard that Watchdog is a good alternative for people who want to monitor their phones for bad apps and problems.

I've though of trying it out, but my phone is behaving, so far.
Welcome to the forum, the best place to go to undo the misinformation the Verizon reps might tell you.
If you look at how the Android os works you will see none of those things help and can actually hinder performance and battery life if left to run in their own how they want.
I've got ATK but only use it to manually kill apps that won't shut down on their own.
If the phone needs more memory to perform it will shut down whatever it needs on its own, so unlike Windows.

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