Should I keep the GN...

So the GN is back to being stock and locked... Kinda sand. Really debating on what to do.
So after BB would only offer a refurb GN (I figured) I went home and chatted with VZW customer service. He said all they can do is send a a refurb GN. Then he changed his mind and said he could send out the Droid Charge!?!?!?! I was nice about it but I pretty much said man the GN is a top tier phone and a your offering my a bottom tier phone that is garbage in comparison. So I after chatting with him for about 30 minutes I decided I would call. So I talk to a really nice lady who listened and transferred me to Level 2 support. Now she was awesome (and sounded hot! :) ). She asked about my issues and explained it to her. She told me that she has had a few calls on this and Samsung has acknowledged there is an issue in April and Verizon admits there is an issue. She told me that I could wait for the update, but doesn't know when its coming (she admitted she would't take that option). They can send out another GN, but admitted thats not going to solve anything. She even said "If we send you 20, maybe 1 might work better". So then she asked if I wanted a different phone. I told her the only thing that really looks comparable is the Razr Maxx. She told me those are in hot demand but she searched the warehouses. She came back and said there is one more warehouse to check but offered me a Razr with a memory card. I declined and she put me on hold again. About 2 minutes later she is sending out 2 refurb Razr Maxxs!!!

I forgot to ask but do they come with chargers or are they just the phone? I know SD card is not included.

Now I have to cancel my warranty from BB.

sent from my phone

Yep, My sister and I both have the Nexus. So they are replacing both. Kinda sucks because I love the screen and the size. Hopefully the maxxs can stay connected and hold a charge longer then 6 hours (I have the extended battery and barely used it). I think the battery drain was from the signal issue.