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Apr 30, 2010
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Honestly, with the quality of droid video recording, you could consider shooting a movie if your into that kinda thing. Just saw on phandroid that they actually have a steady cam accesory coming out. Thats a hollywood accesory right there. All thats needed is a way to use mics for better audio and with app capabilaties they could make a real heavy duty video editing app so you could actually complete the production on your phone. The thought of this is really exciting to me. I want to write and shoot a movie and I will never be able to get my hands on the equipment to do so. Now I know it wouldnt be a high quality production but thats not what I need. Im not looking to make a bunch of money or even a name for myself I just have some really cool and fun movie ideas that I would love to actually attempt to shoot. If at least for me, my friends, and people on the net to watch. So with this, anybody with any ideas on how decent audio recording could eventually be possible. Or any thoughts on the editing apps that could be made feel free to comment.


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Jan 23, 2010
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My Date with Drew (2004)

If you haven't seen this, check it out. Talk about making a movie on a low budget. This guy also did not have the camera equipment but he found a solution.

Work on your scripts, look for open source tools. Even if your first edits and filming isn't as smooth as you'd like you get to work on your technique and learn so that when you have better equipment you're a step ahead of the game. Find a way to mount the camera on a tripod, and find a way to mount that on wheels. Good luck, and remember, Droid Does!