Using the Droid as a sole music and movie player.


Nov 28, 2009
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Staten Island, NY
I'm tired of carrying around two devices and to be honest I could really use some extra pocket cash.

I am thinking about selling my iPods. I have an 8gb touch and a 16gb touch. Before I try to sell them though I wanted to know if anyone else used their Droid in place of an iPod or any other mp3 player.

Some questions or concerns I had about using my Droid for everything (phone, data, music, movies, games, etc.) were: Sound quality, battery drain, movie quality, lag when using music or movie player, taking calls or sms during music. Or anything else you guys can think of.

I guess what I'm asking is what you guys thought about using the Droid as a main music player?
:icon_eek: i thought everyone was lol i sold my itouch on ebay as soon as i got my droid :D
it will be nice for us tho when sandisk finally releases the 32GB microsdhc card. i search daily to see if it's out grrrrr
gave my iPod touch to my brother on Nov 6th, 2009; Pandora works as a fantasic replacement to my random function. In addition to that, the music player (Although somewhat skimplistic) works for my needs 1/40 usage time. Android is improving. Give 5 Months till a killer music app.
I am also waiting for the 32 gb micro sd. I can easily fill up 16gigs with music alone.

Indeed, this sucks for 16 gb. In my day we could only ask the computah yes or no questions.

I'm a pack rat when it comes to electronics, I really just enjoy hanging on to the stuff, even if I don't really have much use for it. I still prefer my ipod touch for music, but will use my droid for movies.
I have movies and music on my droid and use it 99% of the time. I like the Ipod touch UI better but in time I am sure there will be something nice for the droid out. I will continue to use Ipod touch for my Ford as it "Syncs" up and has a better interface than the droid does.
I am now touch less and free of apple products in my pocket, thanks Droid.
I still carry my iPod with me when I travel. However, I do also have my music on my Droid and could use that instead if I wanted to.

As far as movies, I bought an app called Act 1 Movie player and it does very well and is worth the money. I wasn't too thrilled with playing movies from the Gallery.
Love my ipod touch

I really loved my ipod touch but now that I have the droid I have ver little reason to carry it anymore. I usually use it at home for listening to Pandora on home stero.
My IPOD is no longer used

Nah, I simply copied my music over and substituted the basic music player for my needs. Put Pandora and the standard music player widgets on my left screen and bought the MOT MOTOROKR Bluetooth and FM transmitter for the car.

I much prefer one device with a few limitations. I'm very happy.

Smartphone with internet access, USB mass storage and MP3 player, bluetooth and Google navigation in one device is very nice to have.
can't wait until we get a better music application. the one on the droid is functional, but it needs a better UI and more features.

that said, i still use my droid as my primary media device. :)
I've been using my Droid for Music and Movies since I got it. My IPod Touch is in my gadget draw, right next to a BB Bold. Check out the link (Movies) to see what APP I use to convert and View Flawless HD Like Movies... As for the Music, I use Meridan Player, Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones so I don't have a need for an EQ, I often create playlist and drag the folder with Playlist onto my droid (Music) folder and the Media player automatically import my playlists...

Oh, I forgot for streaming music I still have "Slacker" from my BB Days, but "DroidLive" in the Market is excellent, There is absolutely zero buffering with Slacker, and minor (a couple seconds) every now and than with DroidLive. Forget about IHeartRadio its still in Beta for Android and it can not play a whole song or 20 seconds without buffering (and I can't stand that). I've been fooling around with "Grooveshark" you can get that in the Market too, its descent.
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