Several Issues


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Dec 14, 2010
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I am new to the Droid and not a techie. Hopefully, the solution to these issues is obvious to someone here. First, this isn't really a phone issue, but a Verizon annoyance. All of a sudden, I couldn't send or receive anything. I called my celol number from a alnd line,only to receive a message thet my number was disconnected. Seems Verizon failed to switch me to the unlimited data plan and just terminated my phone when I hit a certain level of charges. Would have been nice if they gave me some kind of warning. At least they were nice about retroactively applying the unlimited plan. Now, for the phone issues: On some occasions after I have downloaded an app, I end up with 2 identical icons. Yet, when I go to my uninstaller, it only shows one. What's going on? Second issue: I frequently get a pop-up announcing that an application has stopped working. In fact, it, and all the others are working. What's that about? Thanks