Screenshots of peoples Droid desktops?

Its actually just the wallpaper for each screen but with desktop visualizer you can make pressing that area go to certain screens. All this setup is is uccw widgets, 4 wallpapers, an icon pack, and apex launcher

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Well, very creative. I think I'm going to have to experiment with uccw a bit more.

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Hello all, have a customizing question and I don't know better people to ask. I'm running go launcher on my galaxy s4 and I can't figure out how to change the icons I have on my home screen. I'm wanting the icons to be different than what I have in the app drawer. Any help would be appreciated
It's been a while since I used go launcher but if I remember correctly, I think you long press on the icon, then choose edit.

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I downloaded an theme from the play store. Is there a way to get those icons straight to the home screen and not in the app drawer. The only thing u can figure out is to apply it to everything?
I think you can do the same to your individual shortcuts on the home screen...long press, then choose edit. Then you should be given choices of theme/icon pack.

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modified version based on a stock maxx hd wall
64165d1372127910-what-does-your-homescreen-look-like-galaxy_nexus_2013-6-24-22-26-2.png 1gzr.uzip 2gzr.uzip
Go lazy and for the most part stole this from my GN2 screen setup minus a few icons and the clock, but it's the first time I've updated my Nexus 7 home screen in like.. ages.