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Jun 6, 2010
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hey i installed cyanogen and went to install bugless beast and it rebooted my phone and it is stuck on my red droid eye and it wont do anything i cant even power it off but i can take the battery out and reboot the phone from the x-power button menu any suggestions
Reboot into recovery (power & x) goto portions menu, wipe system, data and cache. then back to main menu and install zip from card>choose zip> goto clockworkmodfolder>download>WWW.thekillpatrickproject>downloads>koush>motorola>sholes>clickthe zipfile
Then do the same thing for the gapps zip which is located at clockworkmod>download>www.thekilpatrickproject>download>koush>common>click that zip file

That should get you back to cyanogenmod. if you want to reinstall unless do it through Rom manager and make sure you click the box to wipe data and cache first

-I'm doing this from memory cause I'm using my mobile growers, so I would look to make sure the paths are correct, but the Rom files are definitely located in the clockwork folder.

Good luck
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