Screen Lock issues


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Aug 10, 2011
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Ok, I see it's time for my dancedroid and :icon_ banana: if y'all can help me get this issue fixed. My G/F's phone is a droid r2d2. I flashed it last night with 1kds' linux 2.3.20 SBF setup (Thank you very much btw) and then did a update to a rooted version of gingerbread. Now when doing normal everyday things (all apps installed, if I need to list just ask and I will) the screen randomly shuts off and locks. Every time I need to hit the power button and unlock the screen in order to go back to what I was doing. It is rooted and using v6 supercharger beta update 9. It's not a huge issue and is actually more of a nuisance than a problem because it shouldn't be shutting off the screen when I am using it with stock settings (no overclocking, unless v6 is doing it). Again, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks