Save ringtones after JB FDR


Oct 21, 2010
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I have lost all the ability to do custom ringtones after an FDR and reformat of the external SD card SD1 following the JB update and can no longer see a way to save a tone as a ringtone. I've tried messaging them to myself, but the attachment is converted to a MMR format and there is no longer a save as ringtone option on the attachment. I've copied them directly to the Ringtones folder on the internal SD0 storage using a USB cable and they are there but do not show up on the Ringtones list. I"ve tried adding them to iTunes on the PC, then adding them to the ITUnes Ringtone playlist and then syncing the itunes ringtone playlist using the MOTOCAST USB ap. I was able to get my pictures into the gallery, but still no ringtones appearing in the Sounds list or available to use to set a custom ringtone. There is no longer a Save as Ringtone option when selecting the file using the FILES application, and Google Play Music, which replaces the original My Music, doesn't appear to have a save as ringtones function.

Anyone else? Solution?