Suggestion For ringtone problems


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Oct 29, 2010
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I was having trouble with the ringtones not playing on my Droid X. I would check the custom ringtone in the media player and click on it and would get a default ringtone from it. I downloaded Ringdroid did a battery pull and the ringtones would work fine again for a while. Then It would do the same thing again in a day or so.

I did a factory reset on the phone and installed all my apps again including Ringdroid. Instead of having Phonezoo txt. the ringtone, I saved it to my computer and sent it to myself using my email to If you have phonezoo send it you have to long hold on the message with the icon in it and save as slideshow to get the ringtone so it's better to txt it to yourself using mail attachment.

I opened the txt and clicked it then long touched on the ringtone to save to sd card. I went into ringdroid and created the ringtones and Notification and alarm tone. Ringdroid automatically creates the folders for ringtone and notifications and alarms. Once created, I went into Ringdroid again and deleted thefile in the messaging area. I then went to my homescreen clicked on the up arrow in the circle , went to the Files, phone files ,media audio, ringtones, and longclicked on the tone and renamed them (Songname).mp3. You have to put .mp3 on the end or it will mess up the file if you do this just rename it again like above. You can also move the files around in here. This seems to be working for me so far. It's been a few days and I haven't had a prob with the ringtones crapping out like they were. Hope this helps