Samsung phones?

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Apr 10, 2010
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Anybody here have much experience with samsung phones?

How will the quality of the G-Nex be? Will the G-Nex Last 2 years?

I have never had any experience with samsung phones. I have OG Droid and it has taken a beating and keeps going. I have had a few motorola non-smart phones before my OG Droid and overall have been impressed with their phones. For the most part I take good care of my phones out side of the occasional drop on the floor. If the RAZR had a removable battery that would be the phone of my choice. Assuming that the RAZR and Rezound will eventually get a update to ICS. Some time when in Q1 2012 the consumer will walk in to a Verizon store and get to choose between the RAZR, Rezound, and G-Nex all with ICS. I like that the rezound has a removable battery and a removable SD card. I also had a chance to play with one at a Verizon store, I was not a big fan on sense on the HTC phone.

I am holding out for the G-Nex to come out because of the vanilla android. I also think it will be cool to have a "button less" phone.

The G-Nex is at the top of my list for a new phone, with the rezound a close second.
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