Samsung May Have Sacrificed Safety For Design With The Note 7


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Oct 6, 2011
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In studying the design and layout of the Note 7 internals some engineers are saying Samsung sacrificed safety to make the Note 7 thinner. The group of engineers from Instrumental noticed that the margin for the battery bay of the Note 7 was dangerously thin. The device actually needs a bit of space to expand and contract over the life cycle of the battery. Without the bit of extra space the battery had no room to swell which may have caused positive and negative electrodes to touch as the battery was squeezed. If the chemicals touched it would cause the battery to catch fire. This is one theory which actually seems to make since. Hopefully Samsung has a firm grasp of the cause of the exploding batteries before the S8 is released.

via Instrumental


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Aug 13, 2010
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I've said for a long time that I don't care about how thin it is. Most people don't. Why? 80% of phones end up in a case anyway. The enclosure for my phones have gotten no thinner or lighter from my old blackberry Storm to my Droid X and on to my various Samsung products.
What I and most people want is a phone that will last two years if not longer. Stop dicking around with glass backs and thinner designs unless you can make them shatterproof or easily replaced for minimum cost.
Aside from holographic technology or fold-able \ roll-able OLED tech, the phones have hit a wall on thinness. If anything the last couple of product cycles should have shown the want for tougher devices. Especially after the bend-gate, and now the Note grenades.