Samsung May Announce The Galaxy S9 As Soon As January


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Oct 6, 2011
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In the past we have seen the announcement of the latest S flagship at Mobile World Congress towards the end of February. Samsung was a bit late with the S8 announcement as they took a little extra time to ensure the safety of the devices after the Note 7 fiasco. In the unlikeliest of rumors Samsung may unveil the S9 as early as January. The report out of South Korea's "The Bell" suggest that the phone will then be available for order in mid February.

Their assessment of the situation stems from the fact that historically Samsung announces phones 2-3 months after display panels are shipped. The S9 display panels are scheduled to ship in November. The Galaxy S9 may launch earlier to be more competitive with the iPhone 8 which will be announced in September with a mostly bezelss display. The S9 is expected to be among the first devices with a display embedded fingerprint scanner, and will likely be the most expensive S model Galaxy ever!

via TheInvestor


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always a new one around the corners. s9 - is that the one that is rumored to have a Breathalyzer or was that the note 9?
Maybe, the Apple will announce the iPhone 8 next month,