Samsung & Google Working on Next-Gen Nexus 10; Could be First Key Lime Pie Device


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Dec 30, 2010
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A couple of different sources have some interesting tidbits about the next high-end 10-inch Android tablet from Google and Samsung. Supposedly, the two are already heavily into development of the next generation Nexus 10, and it is rumored that it will be the first Android 5.0/Key Lime Pie device. Despite the fact that the Nexus 10 wasn't a blockbuster like the Nexus 7, the two companies still see great value in pursuing a sequel. It is expected the device will launch in September or October, which is "coincidentally" when Key Lime Pie is likely to arrive. Here's a quote with the details,

After today’s Android and Chrome event, the Wall Street Journal’s Amir Efrati, who has a good track record with Google news, was able to get some information out of Pichai on the future of the Nexus 10, and Google TV as well. According to tweets from Efrati’s account, Pichai said new Google TV devices are coming soon (they won’t be replaced by Chromecast), and a new Samsung manufactured Nexus 10 will be available in the near future.

This fall, October to be specific, is when we expect to see the next Nexus phone and Key Lime Pie, rumored to launch as Android 5.0. This would be the perfect time to launch a new Nexus 10 and a new version of Android along with it. The last Nexus 10 was released in November of 2012, so an October release would put the tablet on a yearly release cycle.

What do you guys think of this news? If Android 5.0 comes on the Nexus 10, and the specs were solid, would you consider it?

Source: AndroidandMe
If the specs included more storage, more ram. I was surprised they did not double the storage at least on the new Nexus 7. They increased the definition which will increase the program sizes and pushing the game aspect but without storage you have to delete, undelete, add games/programs which is crazy. If you don't have the LTE then you have to rely on cloud storage and wifi to always install the movies, games that they want you to purchase and that is not always possible from an airplane or campsite.
The front facing speakers were awesome on the last one. Now time to kick up the processor the RAM and the memory. Don't know how much more they could do with the screen resolution.
Expensive times these are. I think it's time I retired my wifi Xoom.
Give me a microSD slot and I'm sold. Otherwise, I'll buy a Samsung Note 10.1 instead. I simply won't purchase a tablet without expandable storage.
I tossed around the idea of buying the current generation Nexus 10, but never pulled the trigger. I'm hoping to replace my tablet and phone with one device if Verizon will bring something suitable to the table. My Xoom Wifi and Galaxy Nexus both still work, but their age becomes apparent when their browsers close randomly, sometimes even when I only have one tab open. I really wish Verizon would get the Xperia Z Ultra. I could be quite content using it and not having a tablet, but I doubt it will happen.
My other other competing idea is that since I have to upgrade at full price in order to maintain my unlimited plan, if the rumored sub $300 price of the Moto X turns out to be true and the new Nexus 10 keeps the same pricing model I could purchase both devices for $700 vs paying at least $600 for a new phone on Verizon.
1st device with KLP being a tablet that won't sell well? Numbers weren't exactly hot for the original Nexus 10 and I fully believe they learned their lesson from the Xoom
With screen resolutions now getting beyond what the eye can differentiate, and processors far outpacing functional need (maybe except gaming)...what that leaves to push new sales are the camera (which isn't a big deal on a tablet), ram (which isn't that different than the processor as far as outpacing need)...and storage.

I guess speakers, too, but IMO you're never going to get good sounding speakers in a thin tablet. Most people are going to use headphones or attach external speakers.