[Rumor] Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Coming October with a New Nexus & the Moto X Phone


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Mar 1, 2011
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I live in a rural area of West Michigan, so all cellphone signal is pretty weak in most areas, especially right on the lake. However, where I work gets great 4G reception for Verizon and I generally get pretty good signal everywhere.

As for Tmo, I'm not exactly sure. I haven't heard the greatest things about reception in my area, but I'm really hoping that Tmo takes off and expands their coverage area as they acquire new customers.

A work colleague of mine brought in his daughter's Tmo phone to test it out (he's very analytical about everything), and he seemed mostly pleased with the reception. He also plans to jump on the Tmo train when his Verizon contract is up in November (he got the GNex at launch as did I).

So, as I said, I only expect that it will get better around me as it grows in popularity. Worse comes to worse, I will have no contract and can drop it anytime I want. Seems to be a win/win scenario for me regardless.

How about you?
Like you I live in a rural area also but thank God for Wifi.When I'm in town I get excellent service/signal.As you said their expanding everyday.