Samsung Galaxy S6 May Ship with Sennheiser Earbuds [Rumor]

Jonny Kansas

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Jan 21, 2010
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This is what I use daily:
Jam Transit Wireless Earbuds Jam Audio

They look kinda stupid in my ear, but they sound incredible. I wear them when I run, and when I commute. They have a 6 hour battery, but a full charge from empty takes 40 minutes.

The bass is sick! They are loud, if you want them to be without distortion. And they are easy to use.
The only thing they can't do is initiate Google Now / OK Google or start a phone call without first manually finding the contact.
Thanks for the recommendation. I went ahead and ordered a pair from Amazon to save $5-7. I hate the idea of spending even that much on something that I have no one's opinion on. The online reviews only go so far.

That said, even if these are only slightly better than the ones that came with the s3 that I'm using now, having bluetooth, the ear hooks, and the magnetic feature to keep them around my neck when they're not in my ears sold me on them.

As for Google Now functionality, that's what the G watch is for. Though I haven't used it yet while snow blowing, I'm thinking it's a good idea since it'll be protected under gloves and sleeves, but easier to get to than my phone that's buried inside a hoodie and a Carhartt coat.

So, thanks again and I'll let you know if they suck. Haha!