Samsung Galaxy S 2+ Shows its Muscle

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Oct 29, 2009
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With everyone focused on the Samsung Galaxy SIII and rumor of it being a no show at MWC 2012, another Samsung handset just made an "appearance." A device going by the name of the Samsung Galaxy S 2 showed up on +An3DBenchXL's benchmark database. As you can see it is pushing some serious scores that make the SGSII look tired. The SGSII scored 37,500 while the S 2+ version is pushing close to 55,000. Thats quite a jump in performance. The handset is clocking in at 1.5 GHZ but the chip is unknown at this time. It could be Samsung's own Exynos 4212 processor or the TI OMAP 4470. This isn't the first time Samsung has hit the refresh button. The Galaxy S received a Galaxy S Plus refresh last year and just recently the Galaxy S Advance has jumped onto the scene. Of course we cannot ignore the Galaxy Nexus hardware upgrade rumor that has been floating around the blogosphere.

MWC 2012 can't get here soon enough. So many questions and not enough answers.

Via: Pocketnow