Samsung Galaxy Note 5 May Not Have a Curved Display Version [Rumor]


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Dec 30, 2010
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There's a new rumor floating around the interwebs which actually refutes a previous one. Although it's almost silly to report rumors which contradict other rumors, this might be pretty good news if it turns out to be true. Supposedly, Samsung has decided not to create a curved edge version of the Galaxy Note 5 (neither dual, nor single edged).

The intel indicates that Sammy wants to focus on the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus as the only curved edge phablet style device. Additionally, there are other things which this rumor claims differentiate the two devices. One is that the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will not come with an S-Pen stylus that the Galaxy Note 5 will have. Additionally, the side screens' functionality in the S6 Edge Plus have been reduced quite a bit, just as in the S6 Edge.

Of course, as always, take any internet rumor with a grain or three of salt. We will keep you updated if any of this is confirmed or changes. Let us know your thoughts on this rumor.

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Source: PhoneArena