Samsung Galaxy Note 4 UK Launch Delayed as Two New Video Ads Hit the Web


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

Even while Samsung has released these two new video teasers for their hot new Galaxy Note 4, they are also sharing some disappointing news, at least for folks in the UK. Originally, the Note 4 was going to launch there on October 10th. Unfortunately they had to delay it to October 17th.

While it's obviously disappointing that Samsung needed to hold it back another week, it's for a good reason. Supposedly pre-sale demand for the device has been quite high, so Sammy is simply ramping up production to make sure they have enough units for the retail launch.

Here's the Tweet explaining this: Samsung Mobile UK on Twitter Faryaab Hi. Due to the amazing interest and demand for the Galaxy Note 4 the device will now go on sale in the UK from the 17th October.