Run Linux On Your Nexus 9


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you are a hacker/modder chances are you are pretty familiar with Linux. Now you can run your favorite OS on the go with your Nexus 9. "SonicAdvance1" has posted an in depth guide. The guide will allow you get Linux up and running on your tablet however there are some bugs that come with running Linux on tablet style hardware. You will need to have your Nexus 9 bootloader unlocked. You will also need Linux running on your PC either as a virtual machine or your main OS. You need a USB flash drive and USB otg cable.

With Linux running on your Nexus 9 you may also want to have some other things handy such as USB hub, USB Keyboard, USB mouse, USB network card, and headphone UART cable. The full guide can be found at the link below.

via XDA