How To Unlock The Nexus 9 Bootloader


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Oct 6, 2011
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It is finally here! Nexus 9's started shipping today, and if you didn't preorder your Nexus 9 places like Best Buy started to carry them today as well (although in very short supply). My Best Buy only had 2 on hand. Once you get the Nexus 9 home the first thing you will want to do is root it. Unfortunately there is no custom recovery available for the device at this moment, however you will want to go ahead and unlock the bootloader so that you are ready to root when the recovery is released.

To Unlock the bootloader:

-Go to Settings/About Tablet tap on the build number 8 times until the developer options are enabled
-Go to Developer Options and Enable USB debugging and Enable OEM Unlock (very important don't forget)
-Plug into usb on pc
-launch command prompt
-type "adb devices" to verify the pc can see your device (you should see your device appear)
-type "adb reboot bootloader" this boots you into the htc bootloader
-type "fastboot oem unlock" this will launch a disclaimer
-press volume up to select "YES" on disclaimer screen
-Data will be wiped and the device will reboot
-You are now bootloader unlocked!