Change Your Nexus 9 Splash Screen With Ease!


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Oct 6, 2011
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After several weeks of owning your Nexus 9 you may already be growing tired of seeing the same old plain Google logo every time you boot it up. No worries you can actually change this image to any image you like. You can do this pretty easily thanks to a batch file created by "makers_mark". This batch file uses built in scaling, cropping, and rotating to convert any image of your choosing to work with your Nexus 9. The batch works with Windows only, but their are also manual flashing instructions if you are on a Mac or Linux.

There are a few prerequisites. You will need an unlocked bootloader, you will need the necessary ADB drivers installed on your PC, You will need to unzip the batch file into a new directory, and you need an image of your choice in any common format including (pngs, bmps, jpgs, tifs and others). To use this batch file simply drag and drop your image of choice into the .bat file. You will need to make sure your device is powered on with usb debugging enabled. You will then simply follow the on screen prompts. Head to the link below for more info and download link.

via XDA