Nexus Tools For Linux/Mac for Nexus 5X and 6P


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Oct 6, 2011
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Installing the Android SDK can be a nightmare. It is difficult to know what you do and don't need. Pro Tip you don't need the whole toolkit. For most root and mod functions you only need the adb and fastboot files. There is a program that exist for Windows users which auto installs adb. There are very few toolkits that exist for Mac and even fewer that exist for Linux. This leaves many users out in the cold being forced to do things the old fashioned way. While doing it the old fashioned way is actually probably a good thing, it can be intimidating for newbies. Developer "corbin052198" has released a toolkit for Mac and Linux users.

This will install the ADB command line tools and Fastboot for Mac OS X and Linux. You actually don't even have to download anything, just copy and paste a particular command in terminal and then run it. It does everything for you. Head to the link below for instructions.

via XDA
Very nice, much better than having Android Studio installed on my Mac. Takes up a lot of space with the different versions of SDKs. I'll give it a shot.