[Rumor] More Pics Leak of the HTC Droid DNA/DLX; Global Launch Now Probable


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Dec 30, 2010
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We have some more release info for the HTC Droid DNA, which will apparently be called the HTC DLX in international markets. In Japan, this one is already launched as is called the HTC J Butterfly. For the rest of the world we have some rumored launch dates and some new pics. In China the phone will supposedly launch on December 6, and in Taiwan it will release on December 10th. There is no word of a European release date. Of course the Verizon version, the HTC Droid DNA, is likely going to be officially unveiled by Verizon and HTC tomorrow at their joint press event. We will be keeping a close watch on this to share all the gritty details.

In the mean-time, check out this link for a couple more pics: More pics of the HTC DNA/DLX

Source: AndroidAuthority