Rumor: Droid 1, Droid Incredible, and Droid X to receive 2.2 update, starting on 8/6


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Nov 6, 2009
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Update 7/30 @5:42 PM EST : [Breaking] AndroidCentral is reporting that the 2.2 update for the Droid 1 is confirmed for "this week". So 8/6 seems about right, considering Verizon tends to upgrade phones on Thursdays...

No word yet on 2.2 updates for the Incredible and Droid X (via Android Central

I know, I know, not this again, not another rumored date! But I felt it important enough to relay to you. According to AndroidSpin, Verizon's three major Android phones will all be receiving the 2.2 update, beginning on August 6th. The tipster continues, that by August 15th, all Droid X's, Incredibles, and Droid 1s should have FroYo. Now, I know that original July 13th date has come and gone, and many of you may be skeptical about any more rumors. But AndroidSpin's tipster believes these dates to be confirmed, and not a rumor. And considering the Droid 1 and Droid X should receive 2.2 sometime in August, I guess this scenario is not completely out of the question.

Either way, wouldn't it be nice for the three Verizon flagship Android phones to receive their updates in the same week? I mean, it would make for some great PR, and Verizon as you may know, enjoys that. But my question, this sort of continuous and large-scale update could overload Verizon's servers, no? This all sounds like a rather ambitious pipe dream to me, but I guess we'll have to wait and see on August 6th.

Source: AndroidSpin
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I think your right in stating that this will put enough strain on the vzw network to prevent it from happening.
current software

thanks, dude. just bought the x the other day and was wondering what software i had. tried downloading adobe flash 10 and couldn't do it. message says that i need android 2.2. hope this rumor is true.
:icon_evil:...... and here we go again.

Somebody wake me when they get an actual OTA and they reboot into 2.2. Or, better yet, wake me when one of the kickass rom developers takes 2.2 from their phone and puts their own spin on it. Thanks.

...crawls into a dark corner to take a (likely) long nap lol
hey trailorparkkid where did you get that wallpaper with the red android. Thats a nice wallpaper just wondering if you could tell me where to find it. I too hope that this rumor is true. i thought droid was getting froyo late july. now its august 6th
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the screen you're showing under "about phone" page shows the version adroid 2.2? on my screen, it's called firmware. is it the same thing?
RoFL Cannot express the strength and duration of my laughter.


That's funny guys.
That meens lots of new roms will be coming for those who have 'rooted' Droids!:icon_ banana:
Froyo = Sloyo

I'm running a leaked version of Froyo (FRG01B) and it's slow, glitchy, and really disappointing. Aside from some awesome features on my Droid like 5 home screens, the Update All and Auto-Update features in the market, and the ability to move some installed apps to the SD card the sluggish responsiveness of the home screen and power widget is annoying. I don't know why people say Froyo runs faster on their phones, I think they're imagining things. Currently Froyo = Sloyo but maybe by the time it's "officially" released Google will have worked out all of the bugs and it will run fast and smooth. It may also be possible that the leaked version I'm running is meant for the Nexus One and thus isn't utilizing the Droid hardware very well. I know with Eclair the Nexus had like 5 or 7 home screens and with the Droid version of Eclair it still only has 3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Froyo will be awesome but I'm not holding my breath on a release date. Google won't release it until they are sure it's ready, and of course Verizon won't push it OTA until they're good and ready. Fortunately, most of us don't have to wait for it to be pushed.