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Apr 19, 2011
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I am running Rubix Focused 2.0 (first root & custom ROM) on Android Version 2.2.1. I have learned there is a update for this 2.0.1. From what I have read, I don't see to many changes in this. Should I update? If so, I have seen conflicting info as to how to perform this. I am hoping I would not need to wipe/clean and start from scratch with having to setup my screens/widgets.

If I should be on 2.0.1, can anyone tell me if I can flash this update and NOT have to do a wipe?

I tried to research this as much as possible so as not to ask a question that has been asked already. Sorry if I am missing something.
I can't remember whether it is a big enough change to require a wipe.

I would make a backup and just flash the rom without wiping. If it works, no need to wipe. If it boot-loops, pull the battery, go into recovery, and wipe data or if you do not want to lose data restore your backup.

If you have titanium backup just backup the system and if you need to wipe a restore is available.