Rooted motorola droid stuck at M on boot please help

The reaper

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Aug 6, 2010
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Hi im a noob and new to droid forums hopefully someone can help me. Ok i roted my droid by using rsd lite and downloaded sbf file to go to stock 2.0.1 build esd56 i downloaded the 2.1 update zip rooted build ese181 i downloaded rom manager and clockwork i downloaded bugless beast thru rom manager. I tried to apply but it failed and i tried to reboot and now stuck on the letter M on boot. Phone: moto droid its rooted running i can get into recovery with power and X and into bootloader but batteryis now dead i tried rsd many times but wouldnt read my phone i lost origal usb cable bought one thru verizon if it makes a difference i had original cable wen first used rsd