Rooted bionic wired tether app not working


Feb 27, 2010
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I am trying to get my bionic to tether on my pc running windows 7. The wired tether app will start and everything seems to be installed correctly. However i do not get the message the app connected to the computer and therefore can not get online. I have a droid with me and tested that on the same computer and it works fine so i know it is not this computer. I reinstalled the wired tether app on the bionic and checked the super user settings. Is there somthing special that needs to be set on the bionic to get this to work?? Does this app work on the bionic?

Also just noticed my WIFI tether app does not work as well. The signal is going out and the computer picks up the bionic and connects. Howevever the phone does not say it connects to the pc and no ip address is picked up. Therefore no internet accsess is gained. I am thinking it has to be some setting in the bionic i am missing here
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