Root 2.1 and keep my private app data?

Apr 13, 2010
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Ok I have a Droid that was OTA updated to 2.1. I have installed the sprecovery but otherwise I am at a stock rom. So no root.

I want to root so that I can backup programs that mybackup and astro can't backup up. I have mileage data that I can't access. I can export it but I can't restore the data after the install of new rom.

I've looked and looked. Is there a method to install root access like you can in 2.0.1? All I see are flash via nandroid or and that method nukes all data.

Failing that is there a way to pull this one program and it's data from a nandroid backup and shove it onto a newly flashed/rooted phone?

It's either that or rekey data or just keep in as csv file. I'd rather have all my mileage data in one database.