[ROM] Jelly Bean Blurry Alpha for the Droid BIONIC!


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you are still toting around the Droid Bionic then you are probably pretty excited about the recent resurgence in development thanks to a new exploit by DjrBliss and the release of Official Jelly Bean for your device! If you are a fan of the latest Blur from Motorola on your device, but would like some of the extras and mods that you get from a full fledged Rom then developer "eye__dea" has got you covered. His new "Blurry" Rom for the Droid Bionic maintains all of the Blur features that you can't live without while adding some awesome mods like 1% battery meter, extended power menu, and blurry boot animation. Some of the Bloat has been removed to free up resources.

The Blurry Rom is still in its Alpha State and has plenty more to come. In future releases you can expect a full debloat of the rom, scripts, governors, toggles, tether, beats, a blurry theme, increased speed, and apps. This Rom is built for use with SafeStrap and is safe to flash in any slot. Grab this Rom from the source link below!

Via Droidrzr