Droid BIONIC [Rom] Raging Bionic Jelly Bean


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Oct 6, 2011
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I had all but forgotten about the Droid Bionic. I was pretty excited to see some new development for this old device today, and I think you will be too. Team Rage has put together a pretty popular rom for the RAZR HD and it looks like they may be branching out to other Motorola devices as well. The Droid Bionic was a device that was built to last. I imagine it is still pretty capable for those of you who still own it today. It was the first device on Android to rock a dual core processor, and what do you know the newest Motorola phone to come out, the MotoX, also has a dual core processor. The Bionic still holds its own, and if it aint broken why fix it. Even if you aren't ready to trade up for a new device you can give your Bionic that "new" feel with the Raging Bionic Rom.

The Raging Bionic Rom is based on Stock Moto Blur Jelly Bean but has some extra tweaks and enhancements for speed and performance as well as some custom features. This Rom has been debloated, GPS lock has been improved for accuracy, LMT Pie Launcher Controls, Battery Tweaks, Greenify App, Koush's superuser app, 1% battery mod, fully customizable notification toggles, Gapps built in, Apex Launcher, Moto HD launcher, Apollo Music, Governors and Schedulers baked in, Optional Over clock built in, Loopy smoothness tweak, 4.2 camera and gallery, moto camera and gallery, and more.

If you have not run a rom or even considered running one in a while this should be worth a flash for sure! Grab it at the source link below.

Via Rootzwiki


Hugh Jass

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Feb 7, 2010
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I haven't rooted my Bionic since the first month I had it, but that looks really good.


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Nov 27, 2009
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Still rocking my release day Bionic. Coming up on its 2 year anniversary - Sept 8th!