[ROM] Droid Bionic Wizzed Bean Stock JB AOKP


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Oct 6, 2011
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Wizzed Bean JB by developer "RootUser94" makes your Bionic feel new again! The main feature of this rom as you probably could have guessed is the TouchWiz UX Jelly Bean launcher. It was pulled from the SGS3 build and resized to fit the screen of the Bionic. It also includes the TouchWiz widgets and some of the apps. It is much more than just a TouchWiz port. It includes tweaks and mods for speed and performance. It also includes balcked out gapps. This has been based off of Dhacker's AOKP rom and includes a full touchwiz ui theme. This has also been overclocked to 1270mhz! You will need to grab both the Rom and Gapps and flash via Safestrap 2.11.

Via RomDroidHacks.com
no comments? .... hmmm.... i kinda wanna give it a try
Some experience with Wizzed Bean

no comments? .... hmmm.... i kinda wanna give it a try

You should give it a try. I have been using it and to date have found but one problem that is endemic to the AOKP roms. That is, the blue tooth function does not work for the phone; at least for me. You can still stream audio on a bt enabled device but the phone portion may be base related and thus not functional. You will find the rom most buttery and I love the launcher. I used ADW for a long time but this launcher is smoother and less problematic. I have also found the theming quite enriching and it provides a good experience. Remember that rebooting can solve lots of problems. You will want to do a fresh install, wipe everything,including dalvik and cache. Additionally, you should format the system. I have not not used BS but rather SS so cannot comment on the BS side of the house. It is my understanding that the developer is putting out an update to 1.3 so this rom remains in active development for the community. DancingNexus
This is a wonderful rom. I'm using Apex over the built in UI, but everything runs really smooth. The themed apps look wonderful and the addition of previews in the notifications (ie emails and texts) is great. I'm a little torn about not having the Bluetooth for calls, but everything else is so wonderful I'm thinking of sucking it up and sticking with this rom :)

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