[THEME] Blu3 CHEEZ for Jelly Bean's Rom!


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Oct 6, 2011
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It has been a while since theme developers have supported a single custom rom with a theme. The T-mobile theme engine shows up in most AOSP style roms today, and a theme developer can put together a theme that will work on any rom on any device via the theme engine. This means they can reach a much larger audience than if they focused on one particular rom. Touchwiz roms do not include the T-mobile theme engine and as such users who opt for a touchwiz rom are out of luck when it comes to custom themes. Theme developer "Icedventimocha" has released a theme that is built specifically for the Jelly Bean's Build Rom! This means that you can now run a rom based on Touchwiz and get an awesome theme!.

This theme is a cyan blue and grey theme with silver borders and dark shaded elements. There is an awesome metallic grey background that shows up in the notification drop down and settings menu that looks pretty sweet. Most buttons include an awesome silver 3D border. System UI, Framework-res, Dialer, Contacts, Browser, Samsung MMS, Settings, Multiwindow, Calculator, and Samsung Keyboard are all themed. This theme will give your device a totally new look and feel. Grab it at the link below.