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Feb 15, 2012
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I know this question has been asked a lot and I'm sorry.....When i try to assign a specific tone to a contact it doesnt save it and said contact still rings my default -should i go exchange the phone? I'm sayin does it seem like something else is wrong or am i maybe not doing it right..? (I use a bionic and its very new so bear with me haha) Also i want to set a few contacts with a ringtone that comes from my music i have loaded on the phone but again, when i scroll thru the ringtones to choose from none of my songs show up -is there a even a way to do that? Just to reiterate I'm not trying to set the default ringer (actually figured that one out on my own) i just need help on assigning tones AND music to certain contacts

Thank you so so much -for sure the solution! I appreciate it so much -makes me feel a lil smarter lol

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