Retrieving stolen droid background pic

Also, keep in mind, felony theft in CA is theft of an item worth $400 or more. Droids are at that rate, if not more, if bought outright. We're not talking about a misdemeanor.

I just want to teach him a lesson.
So now I want to catch this little punk...

Any suggestion is appreciated, no matter how silly!

When you find him, break both of his arms. :)
Once you find him I could set up another on of my Jigsaw traps. Did it for a guy the other day, but his victim failed to get out in time. It was a mess.
Yeah a felony conviction will ruin his chances of decent employment for probably the rest of his life. Unless he is a minor, than it won't mean a thing.

Good Luck,

1) We still want a pic of this loser...

2) I woul post the pic on a special facebook page then post the url on paper on flyers saying "Beware of Thief", or if you really wanna screw his life up, "Beware of Pedophile" and hang them at local 7-11s and whatnot..
Thanks for all the info! I will be rooting the phone tonight and hopefully retrieving the picture. Once I get the picture I plan on pulling the metadata out of the picture. With any luck, there will be a time, date, and GPS coordinates embedded in it.

I know it's the guy because I was trying to help this punk with his newspaper subscription. Yes, insert the "I'm an idiot" comments HERE. He walked out with my phone so I know exactly what he looks like.

Yes, might be difficult to prove he stole it, and I don't expect charges to be pressed and him to be captured, but in the meantime, scaring the absolute crap out of him (and everyone he called - yes, I pulled my call logs and I plan on calling each person on the list) is almost as satisfactory as catching him.

So based on that information you don't already have his name and address? You work for the newspaper so shouldn't you have a log of who you helped. Right down to his address? Ought to be easy to find him I would think.
Why not call some of the people who are on the call log tell them that you found their friends phone and you want to return it to him.. maybe someone will be dumb enough to tell you who he is and where you can find him..
after you retrive the picture, and save it to your computer, be sure to check its metadata for, you know, possible date,time, GEOLOCATION :D
Wait... If you have the dudes' picture, once you get rooted and have the metadata... Just go to the police, show them the picture... It's not going to be hard at all to prove he stole your phone... They find the phone on him, call Verizon with the ESN and serial number, and they'll be able to tell right away that it belonged to you and was reported as stolen...
And if you have Locator turned on, especially Latitude, they'll be able to find the phone no problem...