Restoring a 2.1u1 backup from OTA 2.2?


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Feb 28, 2010
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I know the answer is that I can not use the 2.1 SBF file to restore my phone to stock 2.1u1 after I have upgraded to the OTA 2.2 because of the changes made to the keys in the bootloader by Motorola.
So I will not attempt to do that at all.

My question is can I restore a "complete" backup that I made right after I rooted my 2.1u1?
My assumption would be yes, since the backup was a total backup...boot/data/system/cache
However I don't want to take ANY chances until I hear from the experts.

This is my current scenario:

OTA 2.2, rooted, deodexed, themed, some bloatware removed.

One of my backups is:
2.1u1, rooted...........thats it. Nothing else done.

So if I use bootstrapper.apk to boot into recovery, then wipe all partitions (boot/data/system/cache) then perform my nandroid backup, will I have success? Or will I end up going into boot loops?

Just trying to start from a clean slate here and without a 2.2 sbf available, I don't wanna take any chances.
I think I may have found the answer on this.

It won't work.

The backup for the 2.1u1 doesn't include the /boot partition.

So since I already updated to the OTA 2.2, the 2.2 kernel will stay in place and only the system and data partitions would be restored. And that will definitely NOT be compatible with 2.1u1

Damnit MOTO!!!!