Requedt for help connecting to originsl droid for wifi


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Nov 14, 2009
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Houston TX
Folks,I have followed the instructions for replacing the wpa.supplicant file explicitly, and am now able to see my original Motorola Droid (adhoc) in the list of Wifi connections. I am able to connect to the Droid, but I can get no further. I cannot get out to the Intervet even though I can connect to the Droid. I am attempting to connect the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tablet to the original Motorola droid, which is rooted and is using wifi tether. I can tether to my laptop with no problem, but I cannot as of yet connect to the Galaxy tablet and get out to the Internet with the Droid. Does anyone have any idea of what could be wrong?
Did I have to edit the supplicant file in some way? Did I have to do anything to it after placing it in the system\bin folder?I only viewed it in notepad, and did not save any changes, as it appears to be a binary file of some sort. I would appreciate any assistance possible with this, thanks so very much!

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