Redux: What would you pay for a truely open phone?

What would you drop in addition to the "normal" purchase price?

  • Less than $00.00 - I don't care about rooting, ROMs, o/c kernels, etc

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  • $00.00 - it's open source for a reason!

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  • < $50

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  • $50-$100

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  • $100-200

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  • > $200

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Nov 9, 2009
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There's enough threads in various forums about P3D's recent post and plenty of better places to discuss your thoughts.

I'm wondering how many of you would pay a premium to have a completely open phone: no encrypted bootloaders, no "you didn't take the OS push, you can't make calls anymore", no tethering restrictions, etc

Assume every phone would be on a 2-yr contract on whichever provider you wanted, there would be no data restrictions for any reason, you'd have no warranty, and it would be a one-time fee ON TOP OF the normal price.

I could see myself dropping an extra $100 to have this freedom if the carriers/manufacturers decide to lock things down and make us dependent on them for new OS versions. The only reason I haven't upgraded my OG Droid since its release is because of all the work the dev's have done to keep it looking & running fresh. Wondering where the community stands....