Phone is lagging especially when opening apps


Jun 9, 2010
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For the past week my droid has been acting funny. At first it would shutdown for no reason. I solved that by pulling the battery and restarting. However, there is still a lag when opening apps. For example, if I open my text messages there is a definite lag there. I have pics for everyone and sometimes it takes so long to load the pics that I can see it displaying info by phone number.

Other times when I open something there will be a black screen for a couple seconds before the app opens. I downloaded OS monitor, but I'm not even sure what I'm looking at in that program to tell you the truth. Can someone help me diagnose things?

I would like to root my phone, however before I do so I want to figure out why things are so slow right now because I'm sure that rooting will void my warranty and if something is wrong I want to get another phone.

Also, Sometimes when I turn the phone on there are no shortcuts but I can read text saying CPU is refreshing or CPU is reloading...something like that. I'm not sure of the exact wording

This is w/ a droid