Red Gingerbread ADW Theme


Nov 4, 2010
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I have been creating a Red ADW Gingerbread theme to go along with Draya1986's Red Gingerbread theme for Liberty 1.5.

This basically contains images found throughout the web that have had their hue adjusted and/or image edited slightly to make them more graphically similar to a Red Gingerbread style.

If anyone has images/icons that they would like added to this please post the .png files here and I will add them to the ADW theme.

I take no responsibility for the graphical compositions within this.

I have simply packaged them into an ADW theme apk so that it is easily installable for users who are not comfortable with modifying apk files on their own to switch out the icon image.

To install this simply have ADW EX installed.
1) rename the downloaded file from "" to "" without the quotes.
2) install the apk directly on your device
3) go into ADWSettings and switch the theme to the Red Gingerbread Theme.

This will change your default background to the default Red Liberty background and also give you a semi-transparent dock bar background.

If you have any questions or problems please post them here.

Also if anyone has any suggestions I am open to them.

I am very new to programming so there may be additional theme settings that can be set that currently are not.
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