RAZR turns on & off continuously while charging


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Jun 15, 2013
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My daughter's Motorola Droid RAZR turns off as soon as it is plugged into the charger and then tries to turn on but goes off again and this just keeps on cycling. The phone does charge, just very slowly (currently has 20%). I'm using the factory charger and cable. I also tried my car charger and a second motorola charger that I use for my BIONIC. The constant off on issue is present on these alternate chargers. When I plug the RAZR into my computer it powers off and then power on, stays on, but doesn't charge and isn't recognized by the computer. I powered it down and when I plugged it in to the computer it powered on. When I power it off and plug it into the charger it just does the power cycling again. I'm looking for ideas.


A common problem with this phone, also turn itself off at anytime, the solution that I have found that works is go to settings, Developer options, and Stay awake, this keeps the screen iluminated while charging but also stop the phone turning off randomly. it only keeps the screen awake during charging so wont drain your battery at other times.