My Droid RAZR will not charge


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Apr 10, 2012
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Here's my sad story, and I don't think there's a happy ending (but I'm hoping......)

My factory refurbished RAZR (sent to me by Verizon in Nov. 2012 after I had returned 4 or 5 - don't remember anymore - defective HTC Rezounds) has stopped charging. Initially, it was charging erratically. Now it won't charge at all. The charging icon appears as though it's charging, but the percentage either stays the same, or drops. It's slowly dying. All of this has transpired over the last 3 days.

I'm using an OEM charger. Same thing happens with car charger (Rocketfish brand) and with my husband's Bionic OEM charger. It won't charge via USB/computer (white light flashes for a moment, then goes off).

Last bit of info: last night, when I plugged the phone in to the OEM charger in the off chance it would charge again, I got an AP Fastboot Flash Failure screen saying the device was locked, and to unlock, I think it said just press Power button, which I did. Don't know what kind of piece of the puzzle this is. I'll say right here that my phone is not rooted - I am not tech savvy.

I'm out of warranty (bought the first Rezound in Nov. 2011), and Motorola wants to charge me $159 to send in for repair. Verizon says that although they agree that 4-5 defective phones within such a short period of time is excessive, they can't make exceptions - like send me another refurb. phone - so I'm SOL. Any ideas? I'm only 4 months away from an upgrade. Any thoughts are appreciated.
Have you tried plugging it in and letting it just sit for a day or 2 and seeing what happens?