Ransomware Can Infect Your Android Device By Clicking a Link


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Oct 6, 2011
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From time to time we get some major scares in the Android community when it comes to vulnerabilities in the system. Each time the major Android news outlets take to the web to scare Android users into thinking of switching to iOS. For the most part these end up being major click bait headlines which only inform the Android enthusiasts of a lab created exploits which will never have any effect on the reader.

In this case a new piece of malware has arrived that could have a major effect on you. There is currently a bit of Ransomware hitting the web, technically one website, which when installed takes over the device asking you to pay them with an itunes gift card to have the malware removed. It is installed when users visit a particular website and click a certain link. No info has been divulged as to which website houses the malicious code. This effects users on Android 4.0-4.3. If you find yourself with the malware on your device you can remove it with a factory reset.

More people are viewing the web through their cellphones than PCs these days so it would only make since that these scammers would move their operations to the mobile versions of your favorite websites. Be careful where you browse.

via BlueCoat