1. T

    Virus infected Tablet - Please Help

    Hi, I have a rather old Android-Tablet (4.1.1), the Phantom gaming-tablet. It is badly virus infected...As soon as I turn WiFi on it automatically downloads lots of bullshit. I can't even untick the box in the settings, that says: "allow uncertified Apps to be installed"...A complete reset of...
  2. P

    Solved My File Manager looks different and my phone is slower.

    My File Manager on my Alcatel Dawn phone looks way different now and my phone is performing slower. Was this an update or do I have some sort of virus?
  3. A

    Mysterious Highly Annoying Apparition Axon

    I just got a ZTE Axon, the original one, not the 7, from amazon unlocked. About a day after setting up I sarted noticing this strange ghost that will appear on my home screens. It looks like a snapchat ghost and moves around like a facebook chat bubble. Its only on home screens, but it's still...
  4. JohnCena

    Where can I find a list of day-1 system apps for my device?

    My device has been infected with a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) or whatever the phone equivalent it. Here is my device info. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Model: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (CDMA) (SM-N920V) Service Provider: Verizon Board: universal7420...
  5. DroidModderX

    Ransomware Can Infect Your Android Device By Clicking a Link

    From time to time we get some major scares in the Android community when it comes to vulnerabilities in the system. Each time the major Android news outlets take to the web to scare Android users into thinking of switching to iOS. For the most part these end up being major click bait headlines...
  6. LassieGal

    Update Message

    I have begun getting a strange update message on my Turbo. It is ostensibly from Amazon and asks me to update. When I try to do so, It says it cannot update because I do not allow third-party apps that are not on the Google Play store. Plus when I look at any of my Amazon apps (the regular app...